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The Severn Tree Trust seeks to



the awareness of the benefits of trees


the ancient and notable trees in our countryside


new trees to replace and to create new woodlands



The AGM scheduled for Tuesday 8th March has been postponed until Tuesday 5th April owing to illness.

The Severn Tree Trust was formed in November 2009 out of the Shropshire and Montgomery branch of the International Tree Foundation which arose out of the Men of the Trees originally inspired by Richard St Barbe Baker in 1922. Although our main area of activity is Mid-Wales and the border counties our activities are centred on Shrewsbury and we have members in all parts of the UK.

We welcome anyone who is interested in trees and our members range from amateur enthusiasts to professionals involved daily with trees. To find out how to join us click on the link above.


Visit our Gallery Page to see recent Plantings and Visits

Shropshire Historic Churches Gardens Open Scheme


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